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Lilypie Angel and Memorial tickers

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Happy Birthday in Heaven...

2 years ago we said hello and goodbye to our sweet baby girl Eleanna.  Today we celebrate her second birthday in heaven.  It's hard not to look at the boys and think...would she have really red hair like Parker, or would she have cute curls like Jesse.  What cute outfits would she wear...what would she love to eat.  What funny things would she do?.I suppose some people think that it must be that the boys are here.  In some ways it is in others not so much.  Sometimes I just feel down right cheated...cheated out of her life...cheated out of her hugs...denied her giggles, but then I remember.  Those things were not meant to be.  She was meant for heaven no matter how much I dislike matter how it makes me feel.  For certain God definitely had & has great plans for me.  That not to say it's easy...

My thought also go to our friends Mike and Teresa as they celebrate their precious girl Ayla's 2nd birthday today too.  They have Gracin to celebrate with them now and I am so happy.

Later this month we will get together with Mike and Teresa to celebrate our girls.  I can't wait...with the arrival of all our boys we have not been able to get together as much...

My Dearest Eleanna-

Each day I think of you.  I wonder what amazing things you do in heaven.  I know there are so many ther with you I bet you hardly miss us.  Your brothers are so strong and beautiful.  I know you must have had a hand in that.  I'm sure you look down on them and giggle.  They sure are some funny little guys.

Your roses in our garden are so bright and cheery.  I love to see them bloom.  

Enjoy your birthday in heaven sweet girl.  I wonder if Great Grandma Meiners will make you a cake?  Or maybe Great Grandpa Meiners will make you a kitchen cupboard to play with like he did for me.  Maybe Great Grandma Marsh and Curran will be there too...  Maybe Grandpa Marsh will take you to a park and push you in a swing...

I'm sure it will be wonderful, but I still want you here with me.

All my love, hogs & kisses,



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